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Our Vision

The Flint Farmers’ Market will help rebuild our community by becoming the hub for a thriving local fresh food system.

Our Mission

To provide a supportive and profitable place for small farms and businesses, both rural and urban, to earn a secure living. To continue to be a vibrant center of community life that is welcoming to everyone. To remain a recognized leader in providing support and dignified access to healthy food for nutritional assistance recipients.

We’re a year round public market with 50+ vendors inside the building and more outside.

We’re neat and clean and feature several produce vendors, a great meat market, poultry, breads and baked goods, cheese, a wine shop, an art gallery, a cafe, middle-eastern and Mexican groceries, and many unique gifts. You can stop in any Saturday and “Ask the Chefs.”

On the outside from May through October, we have twenty five produce and flower vendors in our pavilion, and on Saturdays we add fifteen to twenty art and craft vendors to that list.

Our market is more than a weekend event. It is a year round feature of Flint’s landscape. We have great local, live music most market days, story tellers and authors and several major events throughout the summer. The farmers’ market is a place where everyone knows he or she can make a quality purchase, feel comfortable and welcome, and probably meet friends they haven’t seen in a while. So make it a date, spend the day and enjoy the sights, sounds, tastes and the smells of the Flint Farmers’ Market!

We believe in and continue to advocate for…

Local Food, Locally Grown
Small Farmers, Both Urban And Rural
Electronic Purchasing Incentives For Food Assistance
Student Farming And Farm To School Programs
Sustainable Urban And Rural Land Use
Nutrition Education And Obesity Prevention
Neighborhood Markets And Gardens
New Business Incubation And Entrepreneurship
Community Kitchens
Farm To Convenience Store Initiatives
Green Building And Landscaping Practices

People are talking about the market!

“It's a completely unique spot, a gem for the city. It's right on the river, near a bike trail I used to ride down almost every day. It's a real destination and a boon for the city.”

Timothy Jagielo

“I love love love the Farmers Market in Flint, Mi because it is in a convenient location (located in the downtown area) they always have fun things going on. I love it when they have musical acts playing the blues or Jazz on the front lawn. They have just about any vendor you can think of. From candles to BBQ you can find Just about anything there without having to travel miles away to get it.”

Felicia Copeny

“The Flint Farmers' Market is an excellent place to buy not only fresh fruits and vegetables, but many different baked goods and craft items. It's a great place to enjoy the country life here in the city!”

Jenny Smart

“Way to go providing healthy foods to our communities!”

Jessi Talamo

“It has a great variety of products and everything is so fresh. It is great that we have the opportunity to buy fresh fruits and vegetables so close to home. The vendors are very friendly al”

Elsie Kelly

“I like the selections and paces. Most of the vendors are LOCAL farmers.The bakery has a good selection. The cheese store will give you a sample of whatever your interested in. Every now and then, you run into old acquaintances. Ifs fun.”

Bob Hairpin

“I love it there I take my grand kids there spend all day.”

Marva Rock

“They've been around for many years in Flint with great produce.”

Connie Vlachoviz

“The people are very friendly. They have terrific donuts and elephant ears! The fruits and vegetables are also fantastic!”

Kevin Popovich

We’re Here All Year!

We’d love to hear from you! Stop on by the Flint Farmers’ Market.

Tuesdays & Thursdays – 9am to 6pm
Saturdays – 8am to 5pm

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